Solicited Grants (2011-Current)

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Family Relief Nursery

Project: Infrastructure Expansion

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $8,000 Location: Cottage Grove, OR

The economy crash had a particularly potent affect on this area, resulting in experiencing a tidal wave of need.  Family Relief Nursery decided the best way to address this need was to increase staff time from 3/4 to full time and to add a Program Manager.  These moves have made an enormous, positive difference.  They have been able to provide much better service, and staff are more effective for the children who come from families experiencing an average of 18.5 risk factors, including such things as homelessness, abuse and food insecurity.

Family Relief Nursery

Project: Child Abuse Prevention Services

Year: 2012 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Cottage Grove, OR

This grant allows Family Relief Nursery to continue to serve the increased need for child abuse prevention services in South Lane and North Douglas counties, providing adequate staffing levels to meet that need.  The Relief Nursery model seeks to stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect through intervention that strengthens parents, builds successful and resilient children, and preserves families by offering comprehensive and integrated support services.

Lifeworks NW

Project: Family Stepping Stones, General Operations

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Gladstone, OR

Supporting the comprehensive family support services that Family Stepping Stones provides to families who are highly at risk for abuse and neglect, working to strengthen the family, keep families together and support proper development of the family’s young children.

Family Tree Relief Nursery

Project: Nursery-center based therapeutic early childhood program

Year: 2014 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Albany, OR

With the objective to strengthen families and prevent child abuse, the Therapeutic Early Childhood Program provides a combination of center-based and home-based developmental learning experiences for children ages 2 through 5 and provides healing emotional support for the children and their families.


Project: FareStart Youth Culinary Training Program

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Seattle, WA

The new FareStart Youth Culinary Program will enroll 40 – 80 students between the ages of 16 – 24 who are currently not enrolled in school or employed, and living below the poverty line in 2016. The program is a partnership with the Seattle Interagency School and will provide students job training, education and job placement or further education services all while providing wrap-around support.

Farmers Conservation Alliance

Project: Advancing Irrigation Modernization in the Deschutes River and tributaries

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Hood River, OR

The proposed activities will help to save billions of gallons of water per year, reduce energy use for 1,349 landowners across 13,704 acres, and restore streamflow to 227 miles of the Deschutes River and its tributaries.  Grant funds will be used for project management, coordination with stakeholders, measurement, evaluation and reporting on the environmental, agricultural, and economic benefits of the large-scale projects Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA) is undertaking in the watershed.


Farmers Ending Hunger

Project: Increase Commodity Donations by One Million Pounds

Year: 2012 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Salem, OR

The mission of Farmers Ending Hunger (FEH) is to eliminate hunger in Oregon by increasing the amount of high quality food available to hungry local communities through a partnership of farmers, food processors, Oregon Food Bank and the public.  This grant will support the initiation of a farmer and rancher recruitment effort that will result in an additional one million pounds of high quality food products delivered to Oregon Food Bank.  Grower meetings will be held in three locations throughout the state concentrating on three identified commodities.  We have targeted onions in Malheur County, potatoes in the Columbia Gorge and vegetables in the Willamette Valley as high priority commodities.  We implemented a public awareness campaign in 2011 that has resulted in significant increases in donors and cash donations from both businesses and individuals.  The increased awareness has positioned us to now concentrate on expanding the number of farmers and ranchers who donate and this greatly increases the amount of products delivered to Oregon Food Bank.

Adopt an Acre Today and Help End Hunger in Oregon

Financial Beginnings Oregon

Project: We will provide free financial education to 23,000 young people, 51-75% of whom will come from low-income backgrounds.

Year: 2020 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

We will provide free financial education to 23,000 young people, 51-75% of whom will come from low-income backgrounds.  These programs will provide low-income youth with education and training that will help them meet financial challenges like the one we face with COVID-19. They will also help them understand important financial concepts, make healthy, proactive financial choices, and set and achieve long-term financial goals.

FISH Vancouver

Project: Volunteer Coordinator + PPE

Year: 2021 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Vancouver, WA

Provides 11 weeks salary plus Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a of Volunteer Coordinator, a much-needed position due to COVID-19 and the change in volunteers.  During the time of this grant, FISH will provide emergency food to 9,625 people – many first-time visitors – in Clark County’s poorest neighborhoods. About 30% of clients are children; 21% are elderly.


Project: 25th Anniversary Summer Fishtrap Workshops and Gathering

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Enterprise, OR

Summer Fishtrap 2011 was a celebration of 25 years of gathering writers (both established and beginners) for workshops designed to deepen engagement with those interested in writing in and about the West. The theme “Catch and Release: what we hold on to, what we let go and the one that got away” will help participants develop the ability to tell their own stories and cultivate their imagination and creativity.  Fishtrap cultivates creativity and imagination and encourages reading, writing and sharing.




Project: General Program Support for Oregon Foster Youth Pandemic Recovery Support

Year: 2022 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Seaside, OR

To provide general program support to provide Oregon young people in and from foster care, age 16-24, with access to resources as they recover from the pandemic. Funding will be used to increase staff capacity to get youth back on track after falling further behind during the pandemic.

Four Rivers Cultural Center

Project: Four Rivers Children's Community Theatre

Year: 2017 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Ontario, OR

Provides the only free and low cost live theatre in this area. Our productions fill kids with hope and realization that life has more possibilities than imagined.  This grant was used to support the Holiday production of Elf, Jr, the musical:

Friends of Explorer Post 58

Project: Teen Outreach Program

Year: 2017 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Connects Portland area teenagers with challenging outdoor and wilderness adventures to include a much broader demographic of students. The grant will make financial assistance available to broaden diversity and scope of the organization to an estimated 20-30 students who otherwise might not be able to participate.




Friends of Explorer Post 58

Project: Access Fund for Outdoor Leadership

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Allows low-income students to attend trips and help create positive relationships with their peers and adults around them. Helps to nurture conscious young adults who actively use whatever power they have to make positive change in the world.


Friends of the Columbia Gorge

Project: Community Stewardship of the Gorge

Year: 2022 Grant Amount: $40,000 Location: Portland, OR

Friends’ protects, preserves, and conserves the 293,000 acres of the Columbia
River Gorge National Scenic Area. We connect thousands to the Gorge through public education, land stewardship, and recreational opportunities.

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