2018 Grants

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Adelante Mujeres

Project: Immigrant Solidarity and Civic Leadership Project

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Forest Grove, OR

This project will focus on the recruitment, training, and mentoring of 40 participants from our Education and Microenterprise programs, and the Washington County community to become responsive Civic Leaders.

Adelante Mujeres’ project will 1) Create a platform for advocacy for people of color to engage in local and relevant government topics. 2) Ensure that communities of color are equipped with the tools, training, and opportunities to serve in government leadership roles. 3) Promote people of color into civic leadership roles to better advocate for community needs through culturally-responsive training.


Burns-Paiute Tribe Foundation

Project: TuWaKee-Nobi Afterschool Program

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $12,110 Location: Burns, OR

Serves Native American youth age 5-18 and their families living in Harney County. This funding will add additional cultural programming that is a top priority for Tribal Council as well as the community.  In addition, starting in 2019, funding will be utilized for tutors so that there are more opportunities for tutoring, especially in the evenings for teenage youth.


Causa of Oregon

Project: Oregon DACA Coalition Scholarships for renewal application fees for 30 DACA recipients

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $14,850 Location: Salem, OR

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewal Scholarships through Oregon DACA Coalition to ensure that 30 undocumented youth have the opportunity to apply for DACA support, a key step in stabilizing lives.

Community Transitional School

Project: General Operations 2018-2019

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

Each school year, Community Transitional School (CTS) teaches 180-220 children, in Pre-K -8th grades, from throughout the Portland metro area whose access to an education is severely compromised due to the homelessness their families are experiencing.  CTS provides homeless students at high risk for school failure with the academic, social and behavioral skills they need to succeed in school.  In addition to improving their educational outcomes these same skills will improve their ability to successfully function in the world and build a more stable future.

Door to Grace

Project: Mentoring

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $5,000 Location: Portland, OR

Impacts child sex trafficking through Door to Grace’s intensive mentoring program in the Portland Metro area to an annual two dozen teens and young women served.

Objective 1: Serve 24 mentees annually through the day home and community-based supports. Objective 2: Provide a mentor for each of the girls.  Objective 3: Offer Programming opportunities at the day home and in the community throughout the year.  Note: Closed 2019.  See Safety First.

Family Nurturing Center

Project: Continuing the Phoenix Satellite Playground Project

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $5,000 Location: Medford, OR

This proposal supports the completion of our outdoor extended classroom at our Phoenix satellite location. This space will inform our work, innovatively changing the way in which we can support children aged 2-5 at high risk of abuse and neglect.

Due to unforeseen challenges, the cost of the project funded in 2017 increased.  This is an additional grant given with the hope of covering some, if not all, of the overages so that the children will have a safe place to play and learn outdoors all year.


Farmers Conservation Alliance

Project: Advancing Irrigation Modernization in the Deschutes River and tributaries

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Hood River, OR

The proposed activities will help to save billions of gallons of water per year, reduce energy use for 1,349 landowners across 13,704 acres, and restore streamflow to 227 miles of the Deschutes River and its tributaries.  Grant funds will be used for project management, coordination with stakeholders, measurement, evaluation and reporting on the environmental, agricultural, and economic benefits of the large-scale projects Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA) is undertaking in the watershed.


Friends of Explorer Post 58

Project: Access Fund for Outdoor Leadership

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Allows low-income students to attend trips and help create positive relationships with their peers and adults around them. Helps to nurture conscious young adults who actively use whatever power they have to make positive change in the world.


Human Solutions

Project: Homeless Services Program

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $11,000 Location: Portland, OR

The Homeless Services Program will prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless and support those who do with emergency services and housing placement. The program will serve at least 19,500 low-income people in East Multnomah County, OR.

Impact Northwest

Project: Housing & Safety Net services for families with children (HSN)

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Our HSN services reach families experiencing, or at-risk of, homelessness in the greater Portland metro area. Our comprehensive range of stability supports are designed to support each family to meet their own goals for self-sufficiency.  Through client-led services, we aim to alleviate the most pervasive barriers that our clients face and foster self-sufficiency and improved quality of life. All of our HSN participants have experienced trauma, and are living in poverty and/or face homelessness.

J Bar J Youth Services

Project: Cascade Youth & Family Center: The LOFT - Transitional Living Program

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Bend, OR

The LOFT transitional shelter serves 25-30 runaways and youth experiencing homelessness annually, ages 16-24 from Central Oregon. The LOFT provides youth with services and support to transition into stable living situations.

The LOFT provides youth with emergency and transitional shelter, food, clothing, case management, counseling, independent living skills, employment assistance and referral services.  The LOFT will provide shelter for 25-30 youth for 3,000+ nights. Following residency 90% of formerly homeless clients will move on to stable living conditions.

Mary's Place Seattle

Project: Tot's Club at Mary's Place

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Seattle, WA

We will support about 600 families experiencing homelessness in King County in our shelters. We propose to 1) develop synergy between homeless shelters to ensure all children are obtaining the same intensity of support, 2) provision each homeless shelter equally with educational equipment, and 3) provide support to parents to increase knowledge about their role in helping children be ready for school and what they can do in shelter to support school-readiness in their children.

Neighborhood House, Inc.

Project: Housing Program for Homeless Families with Children

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

Provides safe and stable housing for 38-40 homeless families as they work to address the often serious challenges that underlie their homelessness, and rebuild their lives.

In addition to housing, families receive support from a case manager to help them connect with the resources they need, including employment opportunities, job training, mental health services and more.

New Avenues for Youth

Project: New Meadows life-skills programming and case management

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $18,000 Location: Portland, OR

New Meadows will provide approximately 15 youth transitioning from foster care with support and a safe place to live as they pursue education, career, and life goals during the proposed one-year project period.

New Meadows, a joint partnership of Bridge Meadows and New Avenues for Youth and a key initiative of New Avenues for Youth’s youth-homelessness prevention efforts, offers stable transitional housing, trauma-informed services, and a network of families and elders who nurture young people as they prepare to enter adulthood.

Nixyaawii Community School

Project: National Honor Society and Greenhouse Project

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $11,470 Location: Pendleton, OR

Three projects to stress the importance of lifelong learning, building connections, and caring for ourselves and our environment for Native American youth on the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation:

  1.  Greenhouse project to understand the significance of horticulture and contribute positively to the environment through the production of organic vegetables, herb and flowers for community and school use.
  2.  Foster lifelong learning via a cultural field trip to Portland, OR, where students will attend a writing workshop at Lewis & Clark College, a TEDx PDX (TED=Technology, Education and Design) event, tour Portland State University, and visit cultural attractions in Portland, such as Oregon Museum  of Science and Industry, the Portland Art Museum, The Oregon Zoo and other Washington Park attractions.
  3. Encourage community and school interaction and engage students in planning, fundraising, and designing through the National Honor Society community project.  This is an event envisioned by student members of the local National Honor Society chapter, which is in its first year at our school, and gives youth, adults, and elders a healthy, positive experience to help frame choices for healthy social activities in the community.  This project includes clothing and food donations.

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