Solicited Grants (2011-Current)

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Oswego Heritage Council

Project: Plumbing Repairs

Year: 2012 Grant Amount: $2,500 Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Helped to provide needed emergency plumbing repairs to the Oswego Heritage House, a local landmark and gathering place, and home of Oswego Heritage Council.


Project: Safe Space/General Operating Support

Year: 2012 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

p:ear creatively mentors homeless and transitional youth ages 15-24.  Through education, art, recreation and transition programs, p:ear builds positive relationships with each young person to affirm personal worth and to create more meaningful and healthier lives.  p:ear responds to the individual needs of each youth during the precarious and complex process of exiting street life and growing up without healthy, parental support.  p:ear helps homeless and transitional youth see themselves beyond homelessness.


Project: Wilderness Recreation

Year: 2017 Grant Amount: $8,000 Location: Portland, OR

p:ear’s recreation program makes physical activity fun, safe and accessible, in both urban and wilderness settings, to Portland’s homeless youth. Two hundred and fifty-six youth participate in p:ear’s 44 outdoor trips annually. These experiences are often life changing.  Funds from this grant will provide the necessary gear for homeless young people to safely experience wilderness recreation.



Project: Arts & Culture Program + General Operations

Year: 2019 Grant Amount: $$15,000 Location: Portland, OR

p:ear’s Arts and Culture Program strives to bring art, music, theater and literature into the lives of over 300 homeless youth yearly. Academic studies note the important role art can play in coping with the stresses accompanying homelessness.


Project: Arts and Culture Program

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

Through creative programming in the arts, p:ear provides ongoing support to homeless youth to develop a meaningful sense of self, gain new skills, and to develop the physical, intellectual, social and emotional maturity they need to become healthy adults.  Art is one of the primary ways in which p:ear actively engages homeless youth with healthy mentoring and transition opportunities as well as providing opportunities for them to show and sell their work in the on-site gallery.  Through the p:ear Gallery, our young people’s artistic skills and accomplishments are publicly celebrated on a monthly basis.  By building connections with these youth through the creation and exhibition of their artwork, we form meaningful and trusting relationships with them that are the foundation for further constructive change.





Project: p:ear Arts and Culture Program

Year: 2021 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

p:ear’s Arts and Culture program brings music, art, theater, and movement into the lives of young people experiencing homelessness, creating opportunities for them to develop emotional, motor and cognitive skills.

Pacific Rivers

Project: Salmon-Safe Timber

Year: 2019 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

Funding will support development of the land management standards, a market analysis, and outreach and coordination with tribes, the Forest Stewardship Council and other forest management groups to create a Salmon-Safe Timber Certification program.

Our goal is to expand sustainable forest management practices by creating a green label for wood products that appeal to landowners, builders, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Pacific Rivers Council

Project: Conserving Aquatic Resources on O&C Lands in Western Oregon

Year: 2014 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

Informing the public debate regarding the potential negative effects from reductions in river protections, building support for addressing restoration needs and funding, and establishing permanent protection for rivers in our most treasured watersheds.  These efforts serve all Oregonians who either derive their drinking water from many of Oregon’s most iconic watersheds, or who value these rivers for the immeasurable benefits they provide.

Pacific Youth Choir

Project: PYC@NeighborhoodChoir Program

Year: 2017 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

PYC’s neighborhood choir program is designed to help bridge the equity gap for students and families in low-income neighborhoods, while continuing to build the diversity of PYC itself.

Philanthropy Northwest

Project: Census Equity Fund 2020

Year: 2019 Grant Amount: $37,500 Location: Seattle, WA

This is an unusually large grant for Lamb Foundation.  The directors felt that it was important enough that they devoted a large portion of Fall 2019 grants to join with fellow philanthropists to support this effort.  Census 2020 is extremely important because an accurate count of citizens determines many factors, including how much money is available to states for social services.  By supporting an accurate count, especially among those most in need of these services, funds will have an impact of further reach.

The Census Equity Fund is designed to concentrate funding and services for those who are hardest to count.  Among others, these include people living in rural, tribal or non traditional tracts, homeless people, people with language barriers, people without adequate internet connection or skills, and young children.  Philanthropy Northwest is managing this fund to serve the entire state of Washington.

Pioneer Relief Nursery

Project: Wheels of Hope

Year: 2019 Grant Amount: $17,000 Location: Pendleton, OR

Enables therapeutic classes at least twice as often per week, reduces the number of taxi vouchers issued (and therefore expense) for respite services, and creates access to crucial Relief Nursery services in other areas of Umatilla County.

Playwrite, Inc.

Project: Graduate Opportunities Program

Year: 2016 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

PlayWrite’s mission is to use the power of performance in art to transform the lives of youth at the edge. This grant is intended to continue involvement of program graduates and support their graduation from high school.

Portland Baroque Orchestra

Project: Richard Eggar Residency and young people's concert

Year: 2013 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Renowned conductor and early music specialist Richard Egarr from England (called the Leonard Bernstein of early music) will spend a week in February 2014 with Portland Baroque Orchestra educating youth through a dedicated Young People’s Concert and serving a broad audience with three subscription performances.  Performing on instruments of the period (ca. 1760), specialists from across North America and the UK will be brought to Portland to collaborate with PBO’s local musicians, providing cultural experiences for young people and adults found in only a few regions. The Saturday performance includes  instrument demonstrations and explanations from Maestro Egarr.  Note: Unfortunately Maestro Egarr was unable to participate due to a family emergency, but Monica Huggett  flew back from the UK to conduct the program as planned.  In addition, two of four concerts had to be cancelled due to snow and ice, so two substitute education/outreach projects were offered in May.

Portland Fruit Tree Project

Project: Expansion of outreach, harvest and fruit distribution services to low income families with children

Year: 2012 Grant Amount: $9,700 Location: Portland, OR

Increase harvesting events that involve children, by establishing where there is the greatest need and food insecurity and partnering with organizations that serve those neighborhoods.  An estimated 3000 families with young children received fruit in their emergency food boxes in 2012 due to Portland Fruit Tree Project.  Over 50 children from low-income households also participated in harvest events.


Portland Fruit Tree Project

Project: Continuation and expansion of outreach, harvest and fruit distribution services to low-income families with children

Year: 2013 Grant Amount: $9,700 Location: Portland, OR

This grant continues the successful work started in 2012 to increase harvesting events that involve children, and distribute more fresh fruit to children.

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