Grantmaking Original

Lamb Foundation is a small, family foundation that makes grants to non profit organizations that have an IRC 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and are classified as a public charity.

  • Grant proposals are accepted ONLY at the invitation of Lamb Foundation. Unsolicited proposals and general letters of inquiry are not accepted.
  • Lamb Foundation does not fund individuals or scholarships for individuals.
  • Lamb Foundation does not generally make grants for capital campaigns.
  • Typical board grants range from $5,000 to $15,000, with the majority falling in the middle of that range.
  • Grants are typically made for a period of one year or less with no promise of additional support.
  • We focus our support primarily on organizations and projects in the Pacific Northwest. Typically, the largest percentage of grants are made in Oregon.

Overall, we prefer to support small projects that can clearly articulate their potential impact.  Our emphasis is in the following:

The Arts

Projects to improve access to the arts and provide cultural opportunities, particularly in smaller or rural communities.

The Environment

Projects that help develop innovative solutions or direct preventative or restorative actions that help the environment. We favor projects that focus on the Columbia River watershed.

Social Services for Youth and Children

Direct services that enhance the lives of children and youth. Our goal is to support programs that help youth realize their full potential, and to prevent future problems in society.