Young Adults Discretionary

Thank you for coming to this link and reading this message about the upcoming 50th Anniversary meeting:  (too much to put into a text)

Last year you were involved in the pilot of the new discretionary program we are launching this year, and agreed to share your experience with the board at our upcoming meeting next Saturday.  Finn has agreed to give the presentation.  THANK YOU, FINN!!!  I also wanted to let you know that we will make time for all of you to add anything you feel like sharing about your experience over the years with the youth/young adult discretionary program, if you want.  We do not want you to be caught unaware, or have to share if you are not comfortable doing so.  We are also hoping that families will encourage their children and grandchildren to participate in the revised and updated program next year.  We will say that you are available to talk to someone who is interested at the meeting,  but if you are not, please feel free to refer any inquiries to a director or me.  The report from your pilot group will happen just before lunch.

After lunch, all youth and young adults will have the opportunity to consider three pre-selected organizations, and, as a group, select one for a $5,000 discretionary grant.  The organizations selected represent our three areas of interest, with an emphasis on social services and social justice, which you expressed an interest in.  They will be presented at the meeting, but in case you want to give it thought, or talk amongst yourselves beforehand, they are:

Arts: p:ear (arts program),  Several of you have supported this in the past.  It is essentially a social service program that includes a robust arts program as part of its basic services.

Environment: Oregon Environmental Council, Your uncle Carl served on the board of this organization for a while.  It has a strong social justice emphasis.

Social Services for Youth & Children: Portland Homeless Family Solutions,  This one tied last year with the request that was selected, Urban Gleaners, so we knew you were interested in it.

Thanks to the feedback we received from your participation in the pilot program last year, we have revised the updated program that starts January 2023 to eliminate the requirement to work in a group and do a presentation to the board.

We will now have 3 tiers: Youth, ages 8-12, Teens, ages 13-16, and Young Adults, ages 17-22.  The beginning amounts available are: Youth $100 (same as since the beginning), Teens $250, and Young Adults $500.  HOWEVER, anyone who has participated in the program for four years or more may make a request of double that amount.  This means that starting next year, you will all (except Finn, who will be eligible to join the board) will be eligible to make an annual $1,000 discretionary request.  We hope you will want to continue on in the updated discretionary giving program.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Debra Iguchi