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Lutheran Community Services

Project: Relief Nursery for Klamath Falls

Year: 2020 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Klamath Falls, OR

A Family Gathering Place Relief Nursery will support sixteen families via a therapeutic classroom and respite model in Klamath County. Due to COVID19, serving all kids in family – in addition to the 0-5 age range of focus.

Mary's Place Seattle

Project: Mary’s Place Youth Services

Year: 2016 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Seattle, WA

Comprehensive and developmentally appropriate children and teen programming including a full schedule of daily activities designed to support emotional, physical and educational well-being for 1200 homeless kids during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

Mary's Place Seattle

Project: Tot's Club at Mary's Place

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Seattle, WA

We will support about 600 families experiencing homelessness in King County in our shelters. We propose to 1) develop synergy between homeless shelters to ensure all children are obtaining the same intensity of support, 2) provision each homeless shelter equally with educational equipment, and 3) provide support to parents to increase knowledge about their role in helping children be ready for school and what they can do in shelter to support school-readiness in their children.

Mary's Place Seattle

Project: Mary’s Place Rapid Response - Shelter for Families Experiencing Homelessness

Year: 2023 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Seattle, WA

Mary’s Place will provide essential shelter and access to resources in King County, Washington for 4,400 families in 2023, including about 2,000 children.  By providing housing resources, health services, nutritious meals, and hope, we help families keep their homes or move into more stable situations. With a focus on youth and children, we offer wraparound support to help families experiencing homelessness by meeting their immediate basic needs for shelter, meals, and healthcare, while housing, youth, and stability specialists work with families to address barriers and connect to resources.

Maslow Project

Project: New Client Database

Year: 2017 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Medford, OR

This database will improve efficiently tracking client progress. The database will enable staff to spend more time working directly with clients with a trauma-informed approach. This project affects 2,300 youth and families.

McKenzie Community Development

Project: McKenzie Valley Community Resiliency Learning Network Hub Program

Year: 2021 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Walterville, OR

This grant proposal will provide our 3,054 community members with free, equitable, and accessible educational tools to, regardless of limitations or challenges, advocate for themselves, their families, and their community. (Post 2020 fire)

Metropolitan Family Service

Project: Ready, Set, Go! Kindergarten Readiness

Year: 2014 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Program objectives are to: 1) improve literacy skills in pre-kindergarteners; 2) improve social/emotional readiness for kindergarten; 3) increase positive, developmentally-appropriate child/parent interaction; 4) increase parental knowledge of normal child development; and 5) improve the links between families, schools, and community organizations. Parents will learn how to strengthen their children’s learning environment, manage family stress, and improve overall family functioning. Research indicates that early childhood intervention and quality parent education are strong determinants of educational success. In addition, families are linked to resources such as emergency food, clothing, and housing to support overall family success.

Momentum Alliance

Project: Student Alliance Project

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

Student Alliance Project is a year-round leadership program for underrepresented youth 14-23 who want to build trust, confidence, resiliency and health; increase their educational and income levels; and learn and practice leadership and advocacy skills while building alliances and friendships with diverse youth.


Morrison Child & Family Services

Project: SAGE bedroom make-over project

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $14,000 Location: Portland, OR

The SAGE program, Support, Achieve Grow and Empower, serves girls ages 11-15 who are survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. This is a new program in a newly remodeled institutional building.  Although the bedrooms are large and nicely painted, they had few furnishings and because of the starkness, created a feeling of loneliness.  This served as a constant reminder that the girls are in a secure mental health facility, rather than a home.  This project provided furnishings for the bedrooms, a safe Sensory Room, activities and decorations at SAGE to transform the rooms into appealing living spaces, which will help to empower the therapeutic process by helping the girls to feel safer, happier, and supported.  Special care must be used to make sure that all furnishings minimize the potential to inflict harm.




Mountain Star Family Relief Nursery

Project: Expansion of Services in Prineville, OR

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Bend, OR

Supports efforts as Mountain Star Family Relief Nursery grows and expands services to Prineville to prevent child abuse and promote success for 45 at-risk children and their families in Crook County over a one year period.  Includes unrestricted funding.

New classrooms in Prineville:


Mountain Star Family Relief Nursery

Project: Support for Prineville and/or LaPine satellite locations

Year: 2016 Grant Amount: $5,000 Location: Bend, OR

Helps prevent child abuse and neglect by using individualized community supports to strengthen high-risk families and keep children safe, healthy and ready to learn.

MountainStar Family Relief Nursery

Project: LaPine Program Expansion

Year: 2023 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Bend, OR

This funding will support our program expansion in rural La Pine. We will provide high-quality, therapeutic classrooms serving children ages 0-3 and crisis intervention and ongoing support to high-risk families.  We will also provide child developmental assessments, home visitations, transportation services, emergency food boxes, and referrals for mental health services. In FY 2021-22, 98% of children receiving Therapeutic Early Childhood Program services at MountainStar remained free from confirmed cases of abuse and neglect.

National Indian Child Welfare Association

Project: Native Family Advocacy Program

Year: 2020 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

NICWA works to eliminate child abuse and neglect by strengthening our families, tribes, and the laws that protect them. These funds will support the Native Family Advocacy Program, providing direct services in Oregon.

Native American Youth & Family Center

Project: Chxi San Playgroup

Year: 2014 Grant Amount: $8,000 Location: Portland, OR

Chxi San is designed to help parents learn to interact with their children in ways that support emotional and cognitive development.  Early learning opportunities in Chxi San prepare children for Head Start and Kindergarten readiness with structured play activities that increase social and developmental skills. Our culturally-specific program allows children to become engaged with their Native heritage while parents are supported with traditional Native parenting skills and values.


Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)

Project: NAYA Learning Garden Project

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Support to expand and sustain the established NAYA Learning Garden, an interpretative native learning garden and vegetable garden, as a multi-faceted resource for our youth and the community.

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