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Human Solutions

Project: Homeless Services Program

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $11,000 Location: Portland, OR

The Homeless Services Program will prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless and support those who do with emergency services and housing placement. The program will serve at least 19,500 low-income people in East Multnomah County, OR.

Impact Northwest

Project: Healthy Start

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Supports the Healthy Start program, which supports and educates first-time, at-risk parents with children ages 0-3 in Multnomah County. Promotes positive parent-child relationships and healthy childhood growth & development.

Impact Northwest

Project: Communities for Safe Kids Program

Year: 2013 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Impact NW’s Communities for Safe Kids program (C4SK) will empower our community to create an environment where children can grow up healthy and safe from violence, abuse and neglect.  Drawing upon cutting-edge research in violence prevention, this initiative pairs two existing Impact NW programs – Listen to Kids and the Kids on the Block Awareness Program – to provide engaging, informative workshops and curriculum to elementary school children in the Portland Metropolitan region. C4SK’s mission is to leverage the power of individuals, families and communities to advance the well-being and safety of children.  Research demonstrates repeatedly that effective violence prevention involves a child’s entire community, including teachers, school administrators, peers and families.  The program offers 4-6 one hour workshops,  incorporating educational puppetry, role play, and in-depth discussions, and includes prior training for teachers and parents.

Impact Northwest

Project: Housing & Safety Net services for families with children (HSN)

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

Our HSN services reach families experiencing, or at-risk of, homelessness in the greater Portland metro area. Our comprehensive range of stability supports are designed to support each family to meet their own goals for self-sufficiency.  Through client-led services, we aim to alleviate the most pervasive barriers that our clients face and foster self-sufficiency and improved quality of life. All of our HSN participants have experienced trauma, and are living in poverty and/or face homelessness.

J Bar J Youth Services

Project: Cascade Youth & Family Center: The LOFT - Transitional Living Program

Year: 2018 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Bend, OR

The LOFT transitional shelter serves 25-30 runaways and youth experiencing homelessness annually, ages 16-24 from Central Oregon. The LOFT provides youth with services and support to transition into stable living situations.

The LOFT provides youth with emergency and transitional shelter, food, clothing, case management, counseling, independent living skills, employment assistance and referral services.  The LOFT will provide shelter for 25-30 youth for 3,000+ nights. Following residency 90% of formerly homeless clients will move on to stable living conditions.

Jackson Street Youth Services

Project: Capacity Project - Supporting Skilled, Effective Staff and Volunteers

Year: 2016 Grant Amount: $8,250 Location: Corvallis, OR

This grant provides tools and important training for staff and volunteers so that they are better able to serve traumatized runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth.  An online training system will save valuable staff time to improve service, compliance and efficiency.

Janus Youth Programs, Inc.

Project: Furniture upgrade for Harry's Mother Crisis Triage Center

Year: 2013 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: Portland, OR

As a one-stop youth crisis triage center, Harry’s Mother has created a 24-hour coordinated system of care for youth in crisis under the age of 18 that includes 3 integrated service arms: Counseling and Crisis Intervention Center, Juvenile Reception Center and CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) Short/Long Term Shelter.  With limited moments when the co-located Counseling/Crisis Intervention and Juvenile Reception Centers are not teeming with youth/families, public/private partners attending meetings, or youth sleeping on a couch or curled up in a chair as staff and/or authorities attempt to connect with family members, wear and tear on each Center’s furniture is significant.   This grant replaces furniture that was broken and worn from years of use in the crisis center.  New furniture helps youth and their families to feel more valued and comfortable, and to be more receptive to the help they need during this crisis period.

From this:

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Janus Youth Programs

Project: Harry's Mother outreach materials and client assistance fund

Year: 2014 Grant Amount: $8,825 Location: Portland, OR

Harry’s Mother will initiate a two-pronged outreach and visibility campaign with materials designed to reach  grade, middle and high school youth, parents, school counselors, churches and businesses throughout Multnomah County, on the “traditional” services provided by Harry’s Mother, as well as information specifically tailored to sex trafficking for distribution to motels, truck stops, movie theaters, malls and other known high recruitment areas. As a youth development program, Harry’s Mother will gather input from youth through focus groups to ensure that the message and look of all materials “speaks” to youth. This will also lay the groundwork for Harry’s Mother staff to shape and develop a “youth council”; the members of which would personally deliver additional messaging throughout the community to youth, families, school counselors, faith groups and the community at large. Input from youth who have experienced sex trafficking will shape and design the message for all materials tailored to this issue.  Additional funds were included to meet the great and growing need for transportation for safety, school and appointments.


Janus Youth Programs, Inc.

Project: Sex Trafficking and Outreach Grant for Southwest Washington

Year: 2017 Grant Amount: $12,000 Location: Portland, OR and Clark County WA

Grant funds from Lamb Foundation will be used to implement the first Clark County sex trafficking services via education, outreach, case management. Fifteen youth will have case management, 200 youth contacted through outreach, 1,000 youth at risk of trafficking will receive information.

Janus Youth Programs, Inc.

Project: Village Gardens - Food Works Youth Summer Leadership Program

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $7,350 Location: Portland, OR

The Food Works Youth Summer Leadership Program is an 8-week leadership training program for multiple crews of 10 teenagers, ages 14-18, living in low-income North Portland neighborhoods.  Youth gain hands-on experience working on the Food Works Farm, at community garden sites, volunteering at hunger relief organizations, and participating in socially oriented and agricultural workshops.  Social workshops engage youth in discussions on issues in their community and create a safe environment to build self confidence, self knowledge, and life skills.


Janus Youth Programs, Inc.

Project: Village gardens - Village Market Healthy Kids Snack Corner

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $8,650 Location: Portland, OR


Healthy Kids Snack Corner.  The neighborhood kids learned about nutrition, helped select product and decorated the space.  Since this market is at the hub of the neighborhood, kids can easily stop by after school for a healthy snack.

Juliette's House

Project: Safe Kids (CAP) Program

Year: 2011 Grant Amount: $10,000 Location: McMinnville, OR

Supports the Safe Kids (CAP) Program, an in-school child abuse prevention/intervention education for all Yamhill County public elementary school children in K-5.

Kinship House

Project: Expanding Journeys to Permanency

Year: 2014 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: Portland, OR

This grant supported year one of program expansion to serve additional hard-to-place children involved with foster care or adoption.  The program provides intensive therapy with the goal of a permanent healthy reunified or adoptive family.  This grant will cover start-up costs involved with a healthy expansion, allowing the program to become sufficient and not overburden current operations.

LCSN, A Family Place Relief Nursery

Project: A Family Place Relief Nursery Infants and Wobblers Classroom

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $15,000 Location: McMinnville, OR

This grant helps support the opening of a new classroom to serve children ages 12-24 months (“wobblers”) who are at high risk of abuse and neglect. The classroom and program will serve 6 children and their families with a therapeutic classroom for the children, parenting support, resources and home visits.

LEAP: Life Expanding Adventure Program

Project: LEAP-NAFY Partnership Program

Year: 2015 Grant Amount: $5,000 Location: Portland, OR

LEAP serves populations of individuals who are afflicted by health issues, emotional and psychological trauma, and social and economic adversity through empowering wilderness programs.


This grant supports youth transitioning out of homelessness through New Avenues for Youth to receive constant food, shelter, clothing, training and support for 5 days as they make a transformational wilderness whitewater kayak trip and receive follow-up support.

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